Listen In: Talk on Holocaust-Remembrance

Each year we’re invited to pay tribute to the victims of the Shoa on the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day which takes place on January 27th. In fact the victims must be memorized each and every day of the year. As the victims and the suffering Jewish community will never be forgotten, we also have to be aware and face the aftermath of the cruel Nazi-regime: Antisemitism in its different appearences is still lurking and present in our today‘s societies, sometimes silent like poison, sometimes loud and brutal. We have to fight it whererever we can. Rembering the victims is a main part of civilized behaviour of indivduals and of societies.

I’m grateful Eli Hazan had me as a guest in his podcast. As the Director of International Relations at the Israeli Likud party and one of the country‘s most distinguished experts in political strategic communications, Eli Hazan drew the attention on local remembrace in my home country Austria on the example of the remembrance in my hometown Gerasdorf.

January 27, 2021 Blog Erinnerungskultur, Europe, European Coalition for Israel, European security, Friedenspolitik, Gegen Antisemitismus, Haltungen und Grundsätze, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Israel, Zukunft Europas

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