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Lexicon on Kosovo-related issues in German, English, Albanian, Serbian

Statements by well-known authors from Kosovo, Austria and other parts of Europe on terms related to the youngest state of Europe, the Republic of Kosovo: from EU accession to the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, from visa liberalization to the Western Balkans.

Forewords by the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, Commissioner Olivér Várhelyi, Kosovo Foreign Minister Meliza Haradinaj-Stublla and General Secretary of the Austrian-Kosovar Friendship Society Arber Marku. Contributions by personalities from various parties and sectors of society, from science to business, from culture to the military:

Mimoza Ahmetaj
Vladimír Bilčík
Manfred Brandner
Erhard Busek
Elisabeth Campestrini
Viola von Cramon
Tanja Fajon
Christian Fiedler
Friedhelm Frischenschlager
Dodë Gjergji
Johannes Hahn
Alfred Harl
Irena Joveva
Kevin Kaiser
Andrey Kovatchev
Sebastian Kurz
Ulrike Lunacek
Lukas Mandl
Golli Marboe
Arber Marku
David McAllister
Miodrag Milićević
Bernard Nikaj
Lulzim Pllana
Anton Quni
Franz Schausberger
Stefan Schennach,
Andreas Schieder
Arta Sejdiu
Wolfgang Sobotka
Olivér Várhelyi
Patrick Voller
Thomas Waitz
Gunther Zimmer

Editor Lukas Mandl is the Kosovo shadow rapporteur of the European Parliament and Kosovo rapporteur of the European People’s Party as well as the founder and president of the Austrian-Kosovar Friendship Society.

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