Pandemic: outbreak and future perspectives in the UK

My friend and former colleague in the European Parliament, Catherine Stihler from Scotland (S&D Group), who is heading the Open Knowledge Foundation today, and my friend Luke de Pulford, Member of the Human Rights Council of the Conservative Party in the UK and fighter for freedom and democrazy, joined me in a discussion on the corona-outbreak in the UK, the response of the indivudals, the public, the media and the state officials, as well as on the effects of the crisis especially to the poor and opressed in many parts of the world, where the numbers of diseases due to starvation and activities of terroristic and extremistic groups increase. Have a look and listen in!

24. April 2020 Blog England, Europaparlament, Menschenrechte, Menschenwürde, Pandemie-Krise, Podcast, S&D, Schottland, UK

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